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The Comprehensive Men’s Guide to Adult Dating Tactics

Chances are, you’ve seen a bunch of adult dating sites, and you know how difficult they can be to navigate.

You’ve probably even seen some adult dating tactics guides, designed to help you get through the world of adult dating—but they haven’t worked! After all, most of them were written by dudes who have no idea what they’re doing, or who are just making stuff up to feel important, with no data behind any of their strategies.

This is the last guide you will ever need.

If you want to make the right choice about an adult personals website, you have to look at which one is going to give you what you NEED from it. You need a site that’s run by other guys who go through the same thing you do, who have encountered the same issues you have, and who know how to beat the system for you.

When you’re going to make a choice about which adult personals dating site tactics to use, you need one thing:


Data is going to help you make your choice, because that’s the only way you’ll be able to tell that you’re following real, good information instead of some made-up crap.

All of our adult personals reviews on this site have REAL info. We’ll help you make decisions on which site to choose based on which sites got us LAID in real life!

You can’t trust reviews of adult dating sites if they’re just a row of stars—and sadly, that’s what most reviews out there are today, just a couple of statistics and a rating out of 5 or 10.

Our tactics site, on the other hand, offers full in-depth reviews of every site we tried (there are DOZENS), and all the tactics and tricks we used to get laid on those sites. You’ll see not only which sites we used and which sites we liked, but HARD NUMBERS telling exactly how many girls we went out with, and even how many girls we scored with!

You can’t get that kind of data on most personals tactics websites.

Most sites you see out there are just a single review written by someone who was paid to say good things about the website, sorry to say. You can immediately spot these because they never have any real data—they’ll say something like, “I used this site and I slept with a few hot local girls,” which really means nothing—this guy could be anyone!

Our tactics work—because we lived them.

We spent MONTHS using these dating sites. Yeah, we were doing it so we could put up all these reviews online, but more than that, we do it because we love hooking up with women on dating sites!

And we’re good at it (for more tactics and stories, visit our blog).

Not to toot our own horns, but check out our results. We’re a group of guys, so we cross-check our results against each other. We have no reason to fudge our data, and we don’t mind telling you when we totally struck out on a site.

The reason you’ve struck out on adult dating sites before is probably the site’s fault, not yours.

Get some real reviews with real data, and you’ll be scoring with the best babes in no time!